About us

See, the trouble with finding a certain login on the thousands of web portals we use everyday was starting to get more than tiring. None of us have the time to hunt down a login every time we wish access our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon, or when we want to check our messages in Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or Hotmail. We want the login quick and easy - and we don't care much about spending tons of time searching for it! Can we get a witness?

Yes! There is hope! Enter LogInto.Org(anizer) - the Internet's most trusted and reliable repository of verified logins for all of your favorite online services. We archive thousands of the most popular places on the Internet with a direct link straight to the login source. You can literarily find your login within seconds by using our quick domain login finder.

Our service is so popular, that many just choose to bookmark us as the "go to" place on the Internet for logging into the service they intend to use. Why? Because you have every login you need in one place. We also provide social integration so you can share our technology with your friends and family with ease - and help out by saving them time finding their logins also.

Just like you, the creator of LogInto.org, was tired of searching for the logins to his favorite services. For whatever reason, most logins are tiny and nearly hidden, with a true nuisance to ever locate. So he set out to make a single site that could track the verified logins he needed daily for his use.

What happened you ask? Well, thousands of others like you and me used the same sites he did, and traffic started to pour in constantly, more sites were added daily by request to reach the thousands that we house to this day! LogInto.org is now your site also to regain some sanity in our daily lives online. We stick by our motto to save time and help others - log in!

LogInto.org was renamed to LogInto.Org(anizer) to provide our users with a focus on what we provide - organizing your logins in one single location. We now have a commitment on our hands to provide you the most accurate and dependable logins for the service you need. Come join our mission to make finding your login a pleasurable experience so you can get down to business!

Now, let's log in, shall we? LogInto.Org(anizer) "Where The Internet Logs In"